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Visitors to Dolphin Shows and Interaction Programs Report More Involvement in Conservation


Dolphin shows and interaction programs are educational programs used by zoos, aquariums and marine parks to inspire visitors to get involved in conservation.The study examined participants at six different accredited facilties throughout the United States.Results suggest that visitors who attend these types of programs enage in more conservation related behavior during the three months following their experience.In addition, visitors who frequent these types of programs was significantly correlated with recent conservation behavior. The results of this work demonstrate that dolphin shows and itneraction programs can be an important part of a conservation education program.


  • Miller, L. J., Zeigler‐Hill, V., Mellen, J., Koeppel, J., Greer, T., & Kuczaj, S. (2013). Dolphin shows and interaction programs: benefits for conservation education?. Zoo biology, 32(1), 45-53.

Affiliate Organizations:  Minnesota Zoo, Brookfield Zoo, Indianapolis Zoo, Texas State Aquarium, Disney's The Seas, Dolphin Connection

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