Education That Inspires New Generations to Action

The more people know, the more they care and take action. That is the inspiration for Alliance-accredited members who play an important role by connecting millions of visitors to marine life and inspiring a new generation of animal advocates.

Professional educators create immersive educational programming to show how human actions impact the health of our oceans. They also help provide meaningful animal interactions that motivate visitors to make a difference through their actions in the conservation of our planet long after they leave a member facility.

People are curious about marine mammals and their underwater lives. Using inquiry-based and interactive teaching methods, Alliance member educators help adults and students connect with awe-inspiring animals through hands-on experiences rarely available in the classroom. Drawing on the pathways of science, technology, engineering, art & design, and math (STEAM), Alliance members provide factual information and critical thinking skills in a fun and engaging environment. This allows students to focus their personal interests through a science-based lens, making our members a crucial resource in formal and informal learning environments.

A close encounter with a marine mammal at an Alliance-accredited facility, as well as a session with a marine educator, changes lives and attitudes. Alliance member facilities also reach millions of people through digital learning programs, websites, publications, television, videos, and social media.

In addition to regular interaction with daily visitors to a member facility, learning opportunities are provided in a variety of ways including school field trips, summer camps, animal encounters, community partnerships, and outreach programs. Explore this site to learn more about marine mammals, and discover how Alliance members provide educational experiences that spark curiosity and encourage visitors to conserve our oceans.