Standards & Guidelines

Considered to be the most comprehensive and stringent in the world, Alliance accreditation standards are based on decades of experience and best practices of marine mammal experts throughout the world.  To become accredited, facilities must meet or exceed these standards, which encompass topics ranging from animal health and wellness, applied animal behavior, training and enrichment, and water and environmental quality, to population sustainability, transportation, scientific research and conservation, and public education.  The standards are meant to help facilities optimize the health and welfare of and environmental conditions for marine mammals in their care and maximize their educational and scientific impact as they inspire more than 40 million visitors a year.

Alliance-accredited facilities must demonstrate they meet these requirements every five years in a comprehensive, two-day, on-site inspection by a team of experienced professionals.

Since established in 1987, Alliance Standards and Guidelines are reviewed and updated annually by section based on best practices and new research. They apply to the care of all species of marine mammals, including dolphins, seals, sea lions, sea otters, manatees, whales, walrus and polar bears.

Alliance Accreditation Standards and Guidelines